Monday, May 22, 2017

How to activate auto reply for incoming mail in Gmail

Assuming you always travel or find yourself in places where there is no internet connection, in such situations this means you can't reply to incoming mails until you get  connection

This is where Gmail auto reply come into action... When you enable the Gmail auto relly, your client get an automated message once they send you a mail, this will let them know that you are still in business

Simply follow the instructions below

*sign into your gmail account
*find and click on the settings icon and then select settings
*on the settings page, scroll down to vacation responder
*then on the vacation responder by clicking the radio box before it
*set the date when your vacation will start by entering it in the box for the first day
*check the box for last day and enter the date your vacation will end
*enter the subject of the auto responder and message to the boxes provided
*finally click on save changes and that's all...
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How to use etisalat easy status to advertise your business

The strategy I used to make readers patronize my blog determines how
successful my blog will be...

There are so many ways of advertising a business but technology has made it
so easier nowadays...with the advent of technology,people now advertise
their product easier at their own Etisalat NG easy status
service. Gives you the opportunity to advertise your
activate this easy status dial *887*0# For Free Trial Afterward You
Pay #30 Weekly Or #50monthly

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

The First Nigerian Web Hosting Company to Host All Its Infrastructure in Nigeria is Garanntor

If you are in need of a web hosting company in Nigeria that could meet your hosting requirements, allows you pay in Naira for website hosting services & domain name registration, has a physical office which you can walk into and is always there to provide 24/7 support, then you need to give Garanntor a try. I was at their office at Opebi Lagos, in December 2015 and to be honest with you, I was impressed with their offerings.

Garanntor is an accredited domain registrar and the first web hosting company in Nigeria to host all its infrastructure in Nigeria without ever hosting outside the country, and it offers Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions to developers, SMEs, NGOs, corporate and government organizations.

With Garanntor, Nigerians now have access to affordable, fast, premium data hosting services which include, but are not limited to – domain names, virtual private servers, cloud servers, web hosting, web security, cloud solutions, content delivery network, application hosting, cloud storage, disaster recovery and co-location.

Garanntor’s infrastructure is engineered to deliver services that are in line with global standards and their pricing is affordable. Web hosting services at Garanntor Nigeria starts from N125 per month as seen here.
cost of hosting website in nigeria at garanntor

If you're also looking for where you can pay for cheap domain name registration in Nigeria, you should also try Garanntor. As at the time of publishing this post, you can buy domain for as low as N1,150 and .ng domain for as low as N9,500.

price of domain registration in nigeria at garanntor nigeria

I am currently subscribed to Garanntor reseller web hosting plan which simply allows me to create a number of cPannel administrator interface systems and then rent them out to those that pay me for web design and management.

garanntor nigeria web hosting company

With the number of hosting companies we have in the world today, it is commendable to see a Nigerian company doing things differently.

You can check out Garanntor at :

If you prefer to pay in USD, you can check out :

Friday, February 17, 2017

DomainKing.Ng Technically Down, Requires Government Issued Photo ID To Complete Transactions

Wondering what happened to

Well, the domain name registrar and web hosting provider is technically down. The website is opening fine, you can pay for services but you can't register new domain, renew existing domain, nor manage dns records for now. Unexpired domain names are still working fine though.

I paid for domain name registration and renewal since 4th of February and none has been activated till this very moment.  The support team has not been replying tickets either. This is very unusual because their fantastic support is one of the reasons I have been addicted to them since they launched their business in Nigeria. All mails that I sent to their admin and reps have not been replied till this very moment.

website hosting provider in nigeria

Anyway, according to an update on Facebook page, the technical issues were caused by mass abuse of their services and going forward, you will now have to produce a government issued photo id with Name and Address for you to host a website or register a domain name at For customers that have paid for services, they promise to provide them with service or the refund once they resolve the issues.

Below is the update:

Hi Everyone,

This is to inform all of you that we are facing some technical issues with our system. There has been mass abuse of our services and we are investigating regarding the same.Some people have registered domains with fake names and are abusing the service to cause harm .So we are updating our system to secure the website performance and troubleshooting the abuse issues. In the meantime, we may not be able to reply to your queries and provide support.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to you.

We request you all not to place any new orders till next update as they may not complete well. We will resolve all the pending issues very soon. Also, the clients who had made the payment for the services, there issues will catered very soon and they will be provided with service or the refund in the cases where services have not been delivered.

In case you have made the payment and your order is not activated you are required to produce the receipt and necessary government issued photo id with Name and Address.The same is required for any future purchase.You are requested to raise a ticket and attach the ID proofs,and receipts..

We need your support in this phase of difficulty so that we can overcome this situation.
This process might take some time to be resolved. We will soon update on this. We are really very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused to you.

Best Regards,

Well, I hope they fix this asap.

For now, I am using I've been using them even before launched in Nigeria.

Social Media Week At Lagos 2017 Holds On Feb 28 - Mar 3, 2017

The 2017 Edition of Social Media Week Lagos will kick off on Tuesday, Feb 28 2017. The week-long conference which ends on Friday March 3, will be held at Landmark Centre, a state of the art event space in Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria.

Informed by Social Media Week’s Global theme for 2017, “Language and The Machine,” locally the SMW Lagos theme, “The [new] Language of Technology: The Future of Communication in Africa,” will explore how technology is creating a “new language” and way of communicating and what this means for the future of communication in Africa. Conference programming and content will look at how this “new language,” through online video, messaging apps, voice interfaces, and the like allows us to share our stories, share our competencies and increase our efficiencies.

The Social Media Week Lagos 2017 will be a mixture of keynotes, panels, workshops, and networking events/mixers that explore a wide range of topics including business, entertainment, education, technology and politics. The event will bring together thought leaders, key stakeholders and the public to explore issues that are important for the modern world. There is so much to learn from professionals and it is a perfect opportunity to network; see and be seen.

There are ton of sessions to choose from and I can bet that you will not be able to attend all.

Pulse Nigeria will host a panel session themed "How Digital Video Is Changing Us". The panel which includes  Blogger Sisi Yemmie, will explore the emergence of digital video in Nigeria and Africa. The panel will discuss how consumer behavior directly affects what's produced and how that content is distributed as well as how the migration from traditional to digital TV has encouraged short format videos amongst other topics.

social media week, lagos africa

You can check out the full SMW 2017 Event Schedule.

sis yemi social media week lagos 2017

About Social Media Week Lagos

SMW Lagos is the largest, tech, new media and business conference on the continent of Africa. It is a world class conference with attendees from across Africa and around the world. Annually over 12,000 people participate in the conference which garners hundreds of press mentions and has a social reach of 810 million.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

5 Important Reasons Why You Should Host Your Website Locally

More than 98% of Web hosting companies in Nigeria host their customer’s websites on servers overseas or resell services of other foreign webhosting companies. They should not be mistaken for local Webhosting companies, as their servers are domiciled outside the country.

Local Web Hosting in a nutshell, means servers are resident locally in Nigeria and support is local. Here are some reasons why you should consider hosting locally:


Local hosting enables your website run about 3 times faster than hosting overseas because of ultralow latency. It is vital for you to pinpoint your business' needs before settling on a decision between hosting your website locally or overseas. Latency is better and faster when you host locally because local traffic is routed locally through the Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria.


One of the drawbacks of hosting overseas in this current economic situation is due to the current devaluation of the Naira i.e. the ridiculous increase in exchange rate, you find out you are paying up to 4 times more now for the same service as opposed to 12 months ago. Hosting locally beats this issue and you pay less because local hosting is not influenced by FX.

cheap web hosting in nigeria


Knowing where your information and client data resides is vital, and the data privacy laws of the country where your data is being hosted. To avoid the complexity of international Laws, once important information is being hosted outside the country the Laws of the land no longer apply; for example, if you host your data with an international service provider and they were to be involved in a case of national security and had to shut down because of a motion against them, you might lose access to your data because the laws of the hosting country will be applied against you.


It is said that Nigeria loses billions annually from hosting abroad. Hosting locally enables you grow the economy and also enables local hosting companies to export services and in turn generate revenue for the country.


When hosting locally you will also notice a better quality of support when you need it the most. For example, time difference and language will not be an issue. Using a reputable local company to host your website means you have easier access to quality support. 24/7/365 telephone, email, and/or chat support and could resolve any issue for you on the spot, where possible. One phone call connects the small business owner to a customer care rep instead of an automated phone tree.

Finally, it is advisable that you host locally rather than overseas, if your target market is local. Hosting your website locally will ensure more uptime for your website, high speed loading time for your web pages, and faster browsing for your local visitors, along with greater access to expert support and optimum access for your target market, creating great user experience.

Perhaps right now,more than any other time would be good to reassess your website hosting.

For reliable and affordable local hosting in Nigeria, go to

ABOUT GARANNTOR is a local hosting company offering a wide range of services from Web Hosting, Domain Registrations, Virtual Private Servers, Cloud Servers, and Hosted Emails.Through professional partnership, Garanntor and Rack-Centre are providing world class standard Web hosting, virtual servers, cloud servers, Cloud Storage and IT Co-location services.

  • Guarantee 99.9% uptime
  • Servers are hosted locally at Rack Centre carrier-neutral data centre, the most connected Tier III design certified  data centre   in Lagos, Nigeria
  • Multiple redundant links
  • Garanntor owns its servers and network including IP ranges, ASN and fully supports them locally
  • 24/7 premium support

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Six Ways Phone Addiction Will Tamper With Your Health

Technological advancement is no doubt one of the most beautiful things that has happened to this generation.
The use of smartphones and electronic gadgets have taken over the society. Youths particularly cannot do without holding their smartphones every little chance they have.
Apart from the dangers of receiving calls when the phone is charging, there are numerous risks youths expose themselves to with the use of these gadgets.
Youths spend more time pressing their phones and chatting; this has taken over the physical engagement most elders crave for. The addictive use of smartphones by the youths has detrimental effects on their health.
The same way drug users get high with the use of stimulants, smartphones also stimulate the release of some chemicals in the brain.
See some of the damages that could be caused by the addictive use of smartphones:
1. Inadequate sleep
Due to the fact that most youths want to chat and remain active on the social media, they deprive themselves of sleeping.
Most of them end up sleeping with the phones in their hands or on their beds. This is not a healthy habit as some of these phones overheat and explode.
2. Danger to eyesight
Intense use of smartphones can damage your eyesight by destroying the retina. Macular degeneration is caused by the damage to the retina.
Central vision is affected by the direct exposure to the light that comes from the screens of these phones. To protect your eyes from being damaged by the light from the screen, you should avoid staring at the screen for a long time.
3. Ear damage
Many of the youths who use smartphones are addicted to the use of ear piece and headphones. They enjoy listening to loud music without considering the implication of having their ear drums damaged.
The chemical signals that are often transmitted through nerves to the brain can get destroyed when the volume of music is set to the highest.
4. Dissociation
Youths who are addicted to the use of their smartphones can become socially inactive. The more they use their phones, the more isolated they become.
They would rather pay every attention to their phones rather than chatting with those who are physically present.
This separates them from people that love them and eventually make them become lonely. In extreme cases, some people have lost their lives because they could not focus on crossing the road without texting.
5. Depression
As a result of the love youths have for their phones, they become sick when their batteries die. Their happiness is linked to the functionality of their phones at that particular time.
Some youths become unnecessarily worried when they do not receive messages from their friends online.
The fact that they depend on their phones 24/7 make them miss out on major events and experiences. Their mental health is affected when they become addicted to their smartphones.
6. Damage to the nerves
Some of the effects of being addicted to phones are usually long term effects. Also, some of these effects may not be seen at once.
Occipital neuralgia is a neurological condition that has to do with the inflammation of the nerves that run from the spinal cord to the scalp.
Intense use of smartphones can put you at risk of having this health condition. Some of the prevailing symptoms include severe headache or migraine.