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Sunday, June 18, 2017

how to write a job application impressively

As we discussed earlier, its not all vacancies are openly advertised and recruited for by the Company in question. Many start their journey with a recruiter or headhunter. Sometimes, typically if they are with an agency, they will be advertised somewhere with all the Company name omitted. If they are having a headhunter you'll hear about them when you are getting 'the call'. So, how can you have yourself inline because of these jobs?

And although Grandpa Simpson is just not real, his actions and the reactions of people around him are certainly funny since they're a practical - slightly exaggerated - reflection of real people's emotions. In other words, poor old Grandpa could be a champion for overworked cover letters and resumes. They may well provoke exactly the same emotions in employers as Grandpa does together with his family.

In Professional CV Writing terms, the Medical CV is a Technical CV. Employers will simply engage you after you have proven that you have the right qualifications first, before they're going to browse the remainder of your job application. So before you apply for any jobs, make sure that your qualifications and professional memberships are up to the specified status. Secondly, as being a technical professional position you can never, ever lie on the CV: simply, it'll no less than hinder if not end your work. Thirdly, as a technical profession, your best opportunities for employment are generally gained through networking, so have a clear idea of what type of position that you might want next, and who therefore is the manager or director within that focus on department.

Losing our responsibility and suddenly devoid of a group routine can be challenging and may cause us not receiving much done - even despite good intentions. It can be a wise decision to deal with the day (if indeed we now have full days to perform the forms) as being a day time. This does not need to be say 9am to 5pm having a half-hour lunch break as we may do while we are doing work in an office building or factory; but, simply try get out of bed concurrently every day and take care of at roughly once. Even as not capable of dedicate a whole day to filling in forms, maybe we just have a couple of hours a night or less, we have to still try to make sure to possess some kind of routine. Doing this we are able to also set ourselves personal targets - as an example, trying to accomplish a group number of applications within 1 week and then try and beat this focus on the next. Also, whether it is time we all know we've set for completing forms and we're not carrying this out, it is better to push ourselves to get started on submitting forms instead of doing different things and possibly more enjoyable. Apart from everything I have said here, doing this will also make ourselves feel that we have been striving, doing everything we could to secure a job and ease the private guilt that can often arise in these types of situation - itself a great stress.

Focus your main job hunting energy and time around the industries which are hiring regularly. You may have a very specialized skill set that you don't think meshes by incorporating of the industries, try not to write any of them off. By setting your sights on industries looking for employees, you'll be a stride nearer to immediate employment.

Friday, June 16, 2017

cover letters: your top ten check list to make sure your letter is perfect

Typically the first forms which a potential employee will fill in are request forms. These forms are somewhat general and so are employed to seek out general information. Name address, contact details, position being sent applications for and prior work history. Usually these initial employment forms also contain space to remember education and infrequently accomplishments. Employment forms typically do not ask for the precise age but may find out the candidate can verify that they're a minimum of eighteen years of age. All of these queries about these forms seem innocent enough nonetheless they could possibly be request just enough information for a person to get discriminated against. It is illegal to question a possible employees exact age, however simply identifying on the form which year someone graduated from high school graduation provides a manager which has a very close thought of the persons age.

Secondly, ensure that you have references prearranged capable to speak highly person. Choose your references wisely. It is best to stay with those who know you well, and may speak positively about your skills, abilities, and character. Don't list someone on the reference list before asking them first. You want to make sure that these are happy to certainly be a reference for you personally, and that they know enough in regards to you use a good reference. It is always a good idea to provide your references with information which could clarify your background, so that these are completely prepared for any telephone calls that they're going to receive from prospective employers calling about yourself. A resume or curriculum vitae, personal statement, past publications, etc. are just some of the many stuff that you'll be able to provide so your references obtain a full picture of your identity like a person.

For employment on luxury cruise ships, think you're over qualified? Should you reduce your expertise in order to simply obtain the job? What are employers thinking whenever they read your experience-packed resume? Recently, this individual explained, "For about a year now without one interview, I have been looking for various jobs." And we were asked this question, "Is in all probability it that I am too qualified and cruise companies simply overlook me?"

This goes for both non-profit and for-profit organizations. Just because they will often not need a "feel good" mission like a non-profit, don't believe for a minute that for-profit companies are exempt from looking to hire "true believers." Just like non-profits, for-profits desire to bring in help who cares enough to master regarding company, industry, and enterprise model.

Know some companies you may want to work for? Companies having a dependence on your specific professional expertise? Don't just post your resume on some job board and wait to draw in their attention; visit them and knock on their doors. Start with company websites, and you will probably likely find those doors are actually ajar. Walk on in.

Friday, June 9, 2017


Many people has been looking for a way to de actrivate unwanted incoming calls on thier mobile,but today,i will share with you how i stop unwanted incoming call on my phone

last month,i walk into inec  office in my local govt. that's where i saw the bill pasted on the wall........NCC[NIGERIA COMMUNICATION COMMISION] has found a way out,i have also tried it and it work's for me..........

follow the little steps below

* just pick up your phone

*goto create message

type ''stop''in uppercase letter then send it to ''2442''

*you got back a text that say's  your request for full dnd has been received and will be effective within 24hrs

**stay calm,aftersome hours ,you got a text which says  dear customer,full dnd is now active on your line................

that's all.....

hope it also works for you.......

don't forget to share to your friends......

****any question pls make use of the comment box below.......

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Step by step on how to mode an android app for your blog or business website

Hello,my beloved reader's! i'm here today to share with you some tips
on how to mode an android app for your blog or business
website....some proffesional blogger's had an android app for their
blog while some newbie's are thinking on how to mode their' i'm
here to share my experience..follow the steps below

*input the full url of your create an create
*fill in your details and app name+description
*select category of your blog
*enter information and email
*submit and it take you to your dashboard
*upload 4 quality screenshot before it can be publish
*select submit..lobatan! your site now has an android app..
before it uploaded to googleplay,you must test it on your android
phone to see your handwork maybe u will need an adjustment..once
tested,you'll be given 4 options,so select the platform you want to
upload your app
you can also monetize it with admob because admob pays well

if you know any other app creator,use the comment box
kindly share to ur friends

Friday, May 26, 2017

How to block spam messages in gmail

last time i wrote about how to change your name on gmail, now today I want to show you on how to block ''SPAM MESSAGES'' on gmail.

* Sign into your gmail account or click here
* Click on your inbox messages
* Open the email sender messages, you want to lock and scroll down to block and unsubscribe from that mail
* Click on the right arrow by the right hand side and scroll down to block and unsubscribe from that mail
  That's all....any incoming messages from that person will be moved to spam box for life
recommended:how to activate auto reply for incoming mails in gmail

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Monday, May 22, 2017

How to activate auto reply for incoming mail in Gmail

Assuming you always travel or find yourself in places where there is no internet connection, in such situations this means you can't reply to incoming mails until you get  connection

This is where Gmail auto reply come into action... When you enable the Gmail auto relly, your client get an automated message once they send you a mail, this will let them know that you are still in business

Simply follow the instructions below

*sign into your gmail account
*find and click on the settings icon and then select settings
*on the settings page, scroll down to vacation responder
*then on the vacation responder by clicking the radio box before it
*set the date when your vacation will start by entering it in the box for the first day
*check the box for last day and enter the date your vacation will end
*enter the subject of the auto responder and message to the boxes provided
*finally click on save changes and that's all...
   What's your take on this?

Kindly share with your friends...

How to use etisalat easy status to advertise your business

The strategy I used to make readers patronize my blog determines how
successful my blog will be...

There are so many ways of advertising a business but technology has made it
so easier nowadays...with the advent of technology,people now advertise
their product easier at their own Etisalat NG easy status
service. Gives you the opportunity to advertise your
activate this easy status dial *887*0# For Free Trial Afterward You
Pay #30 Weekly Or #50monthly

What's Your Take On This

Saturday, October 15, 2016

How To Cancel PayPal Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

PayPal Dynamic Currency Conversion simply lets PayPal to complete your transactions using your card's currency. 

This simply means if you link a Naira debit card (Mastercard or Visa) to your PayPal account and use the PayPal account to purchase from a seller whose products are listed in US dollars, PayPal conversion rate will be used to bill your Naira card instead of the MasterCard and Visa currency conversion rate.

Unfortunately, there are cards issued by some banks which do not support this conversion process. If you've linked such cards to your PayPal account and you try using the PayPal account to pay online, the payment will likely fail.

So, if you get "Your payment method isn't working. Do you want to try again with another card or bank?" error when trying to make payment online, this is likely the reason why you are getting that error. GTBank MasterCard is one of those Nigerian cards that do not support DCC.

So, what's the way out? 

>> Disable Dynamic Currency Conversion in your PayPal account.


Sign in to your PayPal account.

Click on the "Conversion Options" link

Then, click here.

Select the second option : "Bill me in the currency listed on the seller's invoice"

Click "Submit"

Click "Save".

You can now try to make payment with your PayPal account.

Let me know if it works for you.

Kindly share this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter etc.

How I WithDraw My AdQuet Earnings To My Advertiser Account

If you are a publisher on Adquet, you can request for your earnings to be converted to your Advertiser account, instead of withdrawing the funds to your bank account. Mind you, this is only possible once your earnings have reached the threshold.

I've transferred my earnings to my Advertiser account and now using the funds to run my adverts on the sites of Adquet publishers.

To get this done,

==> Sign in to your Adquet account
==> Click on Publisher
==> Click on "Payouts" > "Transfer to Advertiser"
==> Enter the amount you want to transfer
==> Click "Submit"

Then, you will have to wait for the withdrawal to be approved. 

Once approved, switch to your Advertiser account and you will see the funds there.

Then, you can create your ads and start advertising your products and services.

I hope this helps.

Have you been able to withdraw your earnings from Adquet??

WordPress Plugin That Filters Posts By Tags In Admin Panel? Check This Out

By default the WordPress "all posts" page only allows you to filter posts by dates and categories. Hence, if you want to filter your WordPress posts by tags, you will definitely not find it easy to do.

But guess what? There is a WordPress plugin that lets you filter posts by tags right in the WordPress admin panel. It also makes it very easy to filter WordPress posts by author, date range etc. It simply gives more custom filter option in list pages (posts/pages/any custom post types).

I use the plugin on my WordPress sites and I've decided to share it with you.

How To Filter WordPress Posts By Tags With WordPress Plugin

>> Sign in to your WordPress admin panel
>> Install and activate Easy Filter WordPress Plugin
>> Go to WordPress "Settings" and click on "Easy Filter"

>> Enable "Custom Filter"; enable "Taxonomy" option and select "Tags" as seen in the screenshot below :

>> Click "Save Changes"

If you go to the "All Posts" page, you should now see the "Tags" filter option 

>> Click the "view all tags" dropdown, select the tag you want to display it's posts and click the "filter" button.

That's all.

I hope it works for you.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Did You Know That Smart Phone Can Help You Locate Your Missing Kids. [FIND NOW]

The contemporary world has been taken over by technology and previously impossible things can now be a reality. These are certain uses of your smart phone technology that you may not have known about.

Technology has made it possible for parents to track the movement of their children. This can prevent the children from getting lost or find them, if they are missing.
Below are some useful features for this purpose:

1. Lassy Project
The goal of Lassy Project, according to, is to minimize the amount of time it takes to send out an alert that your child has gone missing. Unlike the Amber Alert, Lassy Project provides an image of the missing child and a real time map showing the coordinates of the child’s last known location. It works in seconds, not hours, and only alerts relevant people in the immediate area (the app is free on iPhone, iPad, Android).

2. Find my kids – footprints
Using the GPS in real time, this app helps you keep track of and automatically locate where your child goes with his phone. For instance, if he is travelling alone, you can confirm that he has arrived at a specific destination, or if he is meeting up with friends, they can confirm each other’s locations.
Location information is never shared with anyone else beyond those who have permission to see it, and the data is saved for a later review.
Even though the app is free, parents will need a subscription for the tracking feature. Download is free but the service requires a monthly fee on iPhone and iPad.

3. Missing child alerts
Missing child alerts mobile app can be found on Google Play Store. It helps notify and rapidly spread the word through social media when a child goes missing.
*Simply download the app and choose your state – that is it! You will automatically receive updates when a new child goes missing in your state.
*Click the “Settings” tab to change your state.

4. Sygic family
Sygic family keeps your family safe by allowing you to check the real-time location and the battery levels of your family members’ smart phones. You can also track your children’s whereabouts, or have them checked periodically to let you know where they are and if they have arrived at their destinations safely.

The app also has an in-built messaging system, which lets you send messages for free over an Internet connection. You can also set ‘Safe or Unsafe zones’ – a notification will be sent to you when they enter or leave these zones. There is also an SOS button available in this app, which lets you send out your exact location at the touch of a button.

5. Life 360
Life 360 has the GPS locations of your family members via their smartphones, a panic button, and alerts when someone enters a preset zone (for instance, gets home). It also lets you check where they have been (location history); where to get help in an emergency (hospitals, police stations), and allows you to have group chats.
Google Latitude is less of an app but more of a tracking tool. It allows you to see where your family members are on a map. To use it, go to Google Latitude and start adding your family members via their Gmail contacts. When they accept, you can see their locations on Google Map on your phone.

Their locations will be at the background even when the app is closed or when your smart phone is locked. The app is not restricted to family members; you can use it to check just about anyone’s whereabouts, provided they are on Google Latitude.

7. Mobile Kids
This is a monitoring device that sends parents alerts when kids have been using their mobile phones in the middle of the night; when they add a new unrecognized contact, or when they download a new app.

Parents will also get statistics about their children’s mobile usage, which they can use to set usage limits (premium account).

There is still the much sought-after location feature, with a slight twist. With the SOS button and Check-in feature, the child can request their parents to track their movement live via the GPS tracking, something like remotely ‘walking’ them to their destination.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How To Make Blog Post Automatically Appear On Facebook and Twitter

Apart from organic traffic from search engine optimization, you can also be getting free traffic from social networking sites. There are loads of them out there but personally, as at the time of publishing this, I devote more time to Facebook and Twitter.

There are many tricks on how to use Facebook and Twitter in driving traffic to your blog but today, am just sharing one of the tricks. If your blog posts automatically get posted to Facebook and Twitter, you will be getting some hits to your blog, though how much traffic you get from those sites depend on some factors e.g number of friends/fans/followers you have and the number of those friends/fans/followers that are really interested in your blog updates. Will discuss more about this in my future updates.

So, How Do I Get Started?

I use two tools for now: Twitterfeed and Networkedblogs app


Once you register at and add your blog url/feed, you can connect your account to your Facebook profileFacebook pages and Twitter  account. Once authorized and connected, whenever you update your blog with a new post, the title of the blog post, with a link to the full article will be sent across automatically to Twitter and also to Facebook.

More so, you can set up a prefix or suffix e.g "New Post:", "please ReTweet" to be automatically added to the posts sent to Facebook and Twitter. Right at, you’ll see statistics for each post, showing you just how many people clicked on them.

How To Use TwitterFeed 

Go straight to and sign up for your free account. Once you sign up, log in and click on the "Add New Feed" button.

Enter your blog name and the blog url in the respective boxes and continue to the next steps where you will have to add your Facebook and Twitter accounts. From the Advanced settings page, you can add the post prefixpost suffix, link shortening service to use etc. Feel free to customize the settings to your need.


This a Facebook app. Whenever you publish a new post on your blog, this application easily syndicates the post to your Facebook profileFacebook Pageand Twitter. Once you add this application to your Facebook Timeline, all you need to do, is to add your blog's feed and you are good to go.

How To Use NetworkedBlogs app

To get started with NetworkedBlogs, go to

Sign in with your Facebook account and authorize it to have access to your profile etc. Once you get to the application page, click on "Register a Blog".  Enter your blog link in the provided box and follow the instructions.

Once you are through adding your blog, click on the "syndication" link to add your Facebook and Twitter targets. Once done successfully, your blog posts will automatically be appearing on Facebook and Twitter whenever you update your blog. 

Kindly, go to my own NetworkedBlogs application page and follow me. If you follow me, so I can follow you back.

If you opt for Networkedblogs app, 

Do you know any other web app that allows you to automatically post to Facebook and Twitter? 

How To Conceal YouTube Channel From Public and in Google Search Results

There is this YouTube channel of mine I have always wanted to hide from public view and in Google search results. I've hidden it successfully and decided to share with you in this article, how to make your YouTube channel invisible. This will make your videos and other content not viewable to other people.

To get started, sign in to your Google account associated with the YouTube channel. 

Go to :

Tick all the options and click "Hide my channel".

That's all. 

It will be removed from Google search and when the public try accessing the channel, they will see something similar to the screen shot below:

Once hidden, if you re-visit the link above, you will only see the option to delete your YouTube content.

As the Channel owner, you can still use the channel to watch, like and subscribe, and that activity will be fully private. If you want to make your content viewable to others, or if you want to upload, comment or use playlists, you'll need to unhide the YouTube channel.

If the YouTube channel is linked to a Google+ page, you can hide it from Google by going to the "settings" of the associated Google+ page. 

If your channel is connected to a Google+ Page, you can delete the channel in YouTube Advanced Settings:

NB: If you re-enable the hidden channel, you will have to navigate to "Video manager" to turn your videos from private to public. 

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here

I hope this helps. 

How To Use Google News RSS Feed

Using Google News RSS Feed, you can get easy access to updates about news topics that you are interested in. When you subscribe to a Google News feed using a feed reader, you'll receive a regularly updated summary of relevant news articles along with links to the full articles.

You can use and subscribe to both Google News section feeds and search results feeds.

You can find Google News Feeds by searching for the orange RSS icon at the bottom of any Google News page.
By clicking this RSS icon, you can get a feed for any Google News section.

For instance, while you're on the Business page, clicking the RSS icon at the bottom of the page will give you a feed of business news.

You can also get a feed for searches you do on Google News. First perform a search on Google News, then simply use the RSS icon at the bottom of the search results page to generate the feed.

I like Google News because it’s an easy way to see news articles from newspapers worldwide, grouped by topic and also grouped with similar headlines. As a blogger, you can use it to source for content for your blog.

Do you use Google News?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How To Locate A Stolen Or Missing Phone With Android Device Manager

It is important for every android users to activate this options on their device should in case the unexpected happen.
Losing your smartphone can be painful but you have lots of options on how to recover it.

Android Device Manager is a Google’s official and easy-to-use tool to track your Android phone or tablet.
The best thing about it is that you don’t need to install an app to be able to track your devices.
The only requirement is that your device must be connected to your Google account; location access must be turned on and connected to the internet

With ADM, you can do these:-
>>Make the smartphone to ring for Maximum 5 minutes none stop
>>Lock the phone completely or
>>Wipe all the data and information’s stored on the phone
>>Turn on location access on your device
>>Make sure you are connected to a google account
>>Have an internet access on the device.
Login with your google account and track the location of your phone. Simple and easy.

Friday, September 16, 2016

10 Android Specifications To Look Out For Before Buying A New Phone (2016)

This is a very important aspect of phone pre- purchase tips. Let it be known to you that its very dangerous not checking out if a phone fits the bill before purchase, this mistake could go a long way to haunt you.
So here’s my advice for you, before buying a phone make sure you've checked for its specifications to ensure they actually comply with what am about to uncover below.


1. Screen Size/Resolution
This is the size of the device’s screen. It is most likely measured in inches or cm/mm.
Are you a fan of large screen phone, then you should be looking at a device in the range or larger than 5.5/6.0 Inches.
2. Android OS
Make sure it’s running on the most recent version of Android OS. As at the time of this writing, Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) should be your minimum target though Lollipop ain’t bad either, just make sure it has OTA update to receive latest Android updates.
3. Camera Pixels (Front & Rear)
We are all about the power of our cameras, taking high definition selfies. So make sure your front facing camera is up to the task, the rear should also be a monster.
You should be looking at a device in the range of-(Minimum: Front=5MP & Rear=8MP) If you so love snapping pictures at night then consider buying a phone with dual lead light, going for double lead rear camera light is perfect even though some single lead camera phone could appear brighter.
4. Battery Capacity
In a country like Nigeria with rapid decadence in electricity, it’s very paramount you don’t overlook this.
The capacity of your phone should be nothing less than 4000mAh unless you want to go about carrying a power bank. 3000mAh battery capacity is manageable though.
5. Network Type
This is optional but important if you’re looking to the future of Naija telecommunication providers.
Our mobile network providers can only provide max 3.75G internet speed. Having a device that can power 4G connection is way cooler and a plus considering the fact that it will in future cover for incoming 4G LTE network.
With Ntel about to roll out its 4G connection in selected states , don’t be left behind.
6. Processor Speed
This covers the response behaviour of your phone apps and services.
If you’re the type that enjoys playing high graphics games then you should endeavour to go for a minimum of 1.4GHz. (Hexacore or Octacore).
Don’t hesitate to get a device with minimum of 2GB Ram.
With that, you can run more apps & services at once without experiencing a crash or your phone hanging unnecessarily.
8. Storage Capacity
Internal storage capacity of your phone should be at least 16GB and expandable with SD card. With this you can install more apps plus save more pictures, documents, videos and music.
9. Quick Charging Feature (Flash Charge)
Phones are recently built with ‘Quick Charge’, this features allows you to be able to charge your phone quicker and faster using a ‘Quick Charge’ charger.
In addition to the specs above, your desired Android phone will be much more complete with such feature. I’m really enjoying it here, writing from experience.
10. OTA Update
Why get a device without OTA updates? It can be very frustrating seeing you friend get firmware updates on his/her device and you not getting, don’t make the mistake.
Make sure you confirm that phone will constantly receive updates to firmware, services and functionality before making a purchase.